Fire Protection Specialists

At Fire Guards our core business is the installation of Automatic Fire Detection Systems, Emergency Warning and Intercommunication Systems with a strong focus on Fire Suppression Systems for Industrial Special Hazards and Vehicle Fire Suppression. In addition, our commercial systems cover data centres, museums and art galleries, and medical facilities. Furthermore, we provided fire protection solutions for single user restaurants and multi-user food courts with Kitchen Fire Protection Systems.

About Fire Guards

Beginnings in 2012 as Fire systme Installation, working on major projects, strong foundations were formed that were later utilised when Fire Guards started in 2016. Since then there has been steady growth to what we have in 2017, three divisions within the business covering sales of products as a licensed distributor, the installation of Fire Suppression Systems and the maintenance of all fire protection equipment.

Fire Guards consistently contracts to large, high-profile projects across India. Client satisfaction resulted in Fire Guards being awarded the ongoing maintenance work for the Fire and Life Safety equipment at many of these projects.

Within the maintenance area our Essential Services team covers all Inspect, Test and Maintain functions for Local Council Annual Fire Safety Compliance, in addition to the supply, contracting and installation of new fire protection equipment. Fire Guards conduct all work practices in accordance to Indian Standards.


Our Training Section provides end-user training for any installed system, furthermore our expert staff can also development specialised on-site Fire and Evacuation plans that support the National WHS legislation and Indian Standards requirements.

Over 100 years combined, fire industry knowledge and experience has enabled Fire Guards  to grow into a highly-reputable company. Due to our expertise in problem-free design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of Fire Protection Systems we are often engaged by other companies as consultants. Our advanced knowledge of Vigilant Fire and Evacuation Systems led to a distributorship with TYCO Fire Safety Products.


We specialise in the following Fire and Life Safety Systems services;

• Industrial Special Hazards including Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems

• Pre-Action Sprinkler Systems

• Multi-point Aspirated Smoke Detection Systems (VESDA)

• Kitchen Suppression systems

Supply, Installation and Maintenance of;

• Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

• Emergency Warning and Intercommunication Systems

• Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems

• Sprinkler Drencher Systems

• Smoke Control Management Systems

• Portable Fire Extinguishers

• Emergency and Exit Lighting

• Maintenance, Inspection and Testing to comply with local Council regulations

We also have the ability to provide In-House

•  Independent Commissioning and Audits of your existing Fire and Life Safety Systems

•  Fire Systems Design and CAD Drawings

•  Project Management services

•  Tailored training programs for end users of equipment or evacuation systems.